Since his return to acting, Arnold Schwarzenegger has split his time equally between starring in a handful of original action movies and planning sequels to some of his biggest hits. With Terminator Genisys the first sequel to officially be wrapped, awaiting its release next summer, the legendary muscle man may be turning his attention to another long-awaited follow-up, a sequel to The Running Man.

During a Q&A in England over the weekend, Arnold Schwarzenegger hinted that a Running Man 2 may very well be happening sometime in the near future. He told the crowd in attendance:

"It's an honor to be asked back after all these years, back to the franchise. This is really wild... They're doing a Twins sequel, to be called 'Triplets' I've read the first draft. There's rumblings of a new 'Running Man' movie, so it's a great honor to be asked back... [Getting in shape for these sequels] comes back to bodybuilding, I'm used to doing cardiovascular training every day. Therefore I'm still in good shape, and I can do the action and have the energy to do these movies."

While Arnold Schwarzenegger mentions the Twins sequel, which we've been hearing about for years, he doesn't mention The Legend of Conan, which will possibly be his next movie, and is even more eagerly awaited than the new Terminator Genisys, where he will play an aging T-800 nicknamed Pops who serves as a surrogate father to Sarah Conner.

Does a Running Man 2 make sense at Arnold Schwarzenegger's age? The 1987 original was based on a Stephen King short story and followed a death row inmate competing on a futuristic game show, literally running for his life. The movie took place in 2018, just a few short years from now. Some speculate that Arnold Schwarzenegger may play the game show host role originated by Richard Dawson in what will essentially serve as a reboot.

B. Alan Orange at Movieweb
B. Alan Orange