From the man who brought us The Cooler, Wayne Kramer, comes a gritty, mobster movie with blood, guts, action, suspense, child molestation, sex, nudity, and a whole bunch of nothing, It’s called Running Scared, starring Paul Walker and Chazz Palminteri, among others.

I want to warn you first, this is a complete story spoiler. I won’t ruin the movie for you, but if you want to get a little taste of what’s in the movie, here it goes. Wait, what am I saying? There’s no story here; it’s a bunch of crap rolled out in a two hour movie. Twists and turns? Yeah, right!

The story line goes as follows: without giving away the entire movie, Paul is a member of a small mob family in New Jersey, they’ve been involved in a police raid, Paul killed a cop, more people are killed, Paul stays alive. I do have to say, this opening sequence is very well done and shot.

So from there, Paul is supposed to get rid of the gun, but doesn’t. He sticks it in his basement, where his son and best friend find it. His best friend is played by Cameron Bright, who seems to be in every movie coming out this year. Cameron steals the gun and shoots his step father with it.

He runs away, and the wild goose chase is on. See, what I failed to mention is because Paul killed the cop with that gun, he’s got to hide the evidence so he’s not charged with murder. And I also didn’t mention, Chazz is a dirty cop, and has been connected to several different mob families.

By the way, on a complete side note, have you realized over the last few years, there have been so many movies with dirty cops. I mean, common people, we know these guys are bad, but do we have to show it all the time.

Ok, back to the story. Anyway, to get you back up to speed, Paul is on the search for Cameron, who has the gun. The police are after Paul for questioning if he had something to do with the cop killing. And Paul’s own mob family is after him because they don’t trust him anymore. Lots of stuff going on at once to confuse the hell out of you.

But wait, there’s more! While Cameron is running away, he gets caught up in a botched drug deal with some homeless people. They steal the gun and use it in a mass shooting spree in a deserted building’s bathroom stall. Amazingly, Cameron stays alive, and gets the gun back.

He then meets up with a prostitute; she’s being beat up by her pimp, so he takes actions into his own hands and beats up the pimp. Yes, a ten year old beats up a pimp. Well, the whore is grateful to him, so she buys him dinner. Cameron then hides the gun inside a bathroom stall in the restaurant.

Are you getting all this? Yeah, it’s that confusing; you can sort of follow the film, but there’s no story or plot. Ok, now here comes the worst part of cinema history. Once again, Cameron runs away; he hides in the back of a van, that just happens to be unlocked. Who finds him? Oh, it’s just your average, every day child molesters.

They take him back to their apartment where they’re going to most likely kill him and rape him. But, Cameron is so smart; he tells them he has to go to the bathroom. Before he goes to the bathroom, he steals the woman’s cell phone. He calls Paul’s wife to come and rescue him. It’s just so bizarre this whole middle scene in the film. It does not belong here at all or in any film to be perfectly honest.

We’ll go back to Paul’s search for the gun; he finds out it was taken by a janitor at the restaurant. He then tracks him down, but unfortunately the janitor lost it in a bet to another guy.

This other guy is a mechanic who knows the pimp whom Cameron beat up earlier in the movie. Wow, how all the story lines mesh together is just phenomenal. What a bunch of bologna. Anyway, the pimp sees the gun and takes it from the mechanic.

But, once again, just as Paul is about to nab the gun, the pimp drives away. It’s another missed opportunity to get the gun back. If you think that’s the last you’ll see from the pimp, you’re wrong; he comes back at the end.

Oh my gosh, how could I forget this key factor of this movie; Cameron’s step father is heavily involved with the Russian mob. Geez, how clumsy of me to forget this important fact. See, Chazz, the dirty cop, is also involved with trying to take down these guys. Once again, how amazing that the story lines cross over.

One of the final scenes is the ice hockey part, which I’m sure you’ve seen on the commercials. I will say, it was shot very well; lots of killing and violence, and good use of neon colors.

So, I’ll tell you this about Running Scared; there is full frontal nudity at a strip club. About a week after I had seen the film, someone was talking about the strip club scene and how much nudity was there. I looked at them funny, and wondered what he was talking about? He then had to remind me about that scene. And slowly, it came back what a bad movie this was that I couldn’t even remember a 10 minute strip club scene.

To review my review, good concept, bad execution, horrible middle, and too many story lines meshing together. Don’t waste your time on this film.

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