A lot of celebrities have been forced to do some heinous things on Running Wild with Bear Grylls this summer. But perhaps none so gross as what the nature show host had Furious 7 actress Michelle Rodriguez do. Taking her into the wild on this week's Episode, Bear Grylls and his co-host ran out of water at one point during their trek. They were then forced to cook a mouse for dinner, turning it into a stew with Michelle Rodriguez's own urine. The video of the incident is quite disgusting. But if you feel you can stomach the carnage on display, we have the clip for you here.

We learn that Bear Grylls and Michelle Rodriguez's water had run dry at some point during the day. They are forced to improvise in order to survive. And the only thing available in their surroundings to catch and eat is a small mouse. The Running Wild with Bear Grylls team must spread the wealth of this protein. That's why they have decided to make a stew out of the rodent's meat and bones.

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Michelle Rodriguez returns from a quick trip behind a rock with a steaming cup full of fresh pee, which Bear Grylls is quick to note doesn't smell very good. The actress claims it's because she is dehydrated. While urine is always safe to drink, it must be boiled first to get rid of any bacteria that may be floating around in the soup. Bear Grylls is the first to take a bite of this meal, and Michelle Rodriguez doesn't look like she'll be able to handle it.

Ever the brave solider, Michelle Rodriguez takes a gulp of this steaming broth, getting plenty of mouse bones and flesh caught in her teeth. After struggling to force it down, the Furious 7 star quips, 'tastes like chicken.' Things get worse when Bear Grylls suggests that they now chug the boiled urine. From the look on Michelle Rodriguez's face, it obviously doesn't smell or taste good, or even look like anything a human should be consuming. Bear is the first to go, and his tight grimace indicates this is not a ride worth taking. Michelle goes next, and her face upon tasting the piss is priceless.

This isn't the first time Bear Grylls has had to drink urine while trekking through the world. He's been forced to do it before in survival situations. But this appears to be the first time he's drank someone else's pee, and he admits that it almost did him in. While there have been plenty of other questionable meals shown this summer on Running Wild with Bear Grylls, this may be the grossest one yet. And it clearly takes things a step further than anyone should ever have to go to live.

Can it get any worse this season? You can find out this Monday, when Running Wild with Bear Grylls airs an all-new episode featuring Westworld and X-Men star James Marsden. Super Bowl MVP Drew Brees will be appearing in the near future. And if Michael B. Jordan thought reviews for Fantastic Four were bad, that's nothing to what he'll have to face when Bear Grylls drags him out into the wild. Modern Family's Jesse Tyler Ferguson will also be getting in on the fun as these last episodes continue into the fall. Running Wild with Bear Grylls airs Monday Nights at 10pm on NBC. Can you think of anything grosser than drinking someone else's steamy urine? With a dead mouse floating in it?

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