Contrary to earlier rumors, Rupert Evans (Hellboy) is not going to be donning the red and blue tights of the Man of Steel in the upcoming Warner Bros. film Justice League of America, according to a report from IESB.Net.

Rumors about the British actor being cast as Superman spread through the internet like wildfire, only to be quickly met with incredulity from fans of the character. Evans, aside from being British, is a relatively short 5' 10", and is not overly muscular and many thought he lacked the proper "look" to play Superman. Then there was the ire expressed by fans when they considered that an all-American icon was going to be played by a British actor.

IESB.Net spoke to Evan's representation, who stated "We don't know where that rumor started, there's no truth to the rumor at all." To double check, they then asked "did Rupert Evans audition for any of the Justice League of America characters?" Their answer was "No, not at all."

Speculation over who will be the next actor to wear Superman's red cape can now safely resume.