Geoffrey Rush: The Oscar winning actor (for Shine in case you forgot), is in talks to take on the role of the villainous Captain Blackheart in the big-screen adaptation of the Disneyland ride Pirates of the Caribbean.

T3: The latest news from one of our Hollywood tipsters comes from the set of the Jonathan Mostow film. While prepping to shoot a climactic sequence involving a crane-truck rigged to travel at high speed, the rehearsal went awry. The stuntman behind the wheel rolled the two-ton truck! Fortunately, no one was injured. The stuntman was reportedly NOT wearing his seatbelt, but was saved (possibly from death) by the fortified steel roll-cage on the vehicle, and walked away. The stunt unit is reportedly not shooting now while they search for a new crane to use.

Normally, I don't do television items, but I really like this actor so...

David Caruso: The actor, who recently co-starred in Proof of Life as Russell Crowe's business partner, will be returning to television in Jerry Bruckheimer's new series CSI:Miami.

The actor was known for being difficult during the height of his popularity as the original partner to Andy Sipowicz on NYPD Blue, and eventually left the series to attempt a film career. His first big film as a lead was Kiss of Death, which co-starred such notable actors as Nicolas Cage and Helen Hunt. I for one will be glad to see him on-screen again. You might also want to check out his smoldering performance as Robert DeNiro's best friend in Mad Dog and Glory.

Movie PictureLights Out has been inundated with letters regarding our report about Russell Crowe on the set of his latest film. Among angry letters from various Crowe fans was this tidbit:

Far Side of the World: "The company has just completed their first week of shooting and things have been going very well. There is a great sense of comraderie among cast and crew. Being in Mexico is a bit rough on everyone, so we take great solace in eachother and the local hotel bar. Some of the crew have brought their families down since we will be here for quite some time. The swordfights will look great, and the sets are beautiful. As to your report about Crowe getting into a fight, well, I wouldn't call it a fight... Just a brief confrontation with an inebriated background guy. Crowe got in the guys face, but it didn't go much further."

We also got this:

"I am working on the new Peter Weir film in Mexico and am writing in regard to your story on Russell Crowe. We've only been shooting for a week, but it's been good. Russell Crowe is pretty nice to the crew and Paul Bettany is great. A lot of us have been down here prepping for quite a while, and as on any film that takes you away from your home, your friends and your family, you bond with your film family..." "There was an arguement and Crowe did get right up on the guy for spilling his drink, but the guy was drunk and was sort of provoking the situation. Whatever happened, Russell didn't throw the guy over the bar... But I'll bet he could have! Thanks."

...and so we see how stories get bigger as they come along and become a bit exaggerated. Crowe didn't throw anyone. I was given exaggerated info (by two different people) and now it's all cleared up. To all the Russell Crowe fans out there, I hope the matter is cleared up, and thanks for the overwhelming response!

From Somewhere on the Beach...~Jane Doe