CBS has found one of their two lead actors for the Rush Hour pilot, bringing on Jon Foo to play Detective Lee, the same character played by Jackie Chan in the hit Rush Hour movie trilogy. The show has yet to cast the cocky LAPD detective Carter, originally played by Chris Tucker. Much like the film franchise, the show will follow these two cops, forced to pair up when Lee gets assigned to a case in Los Angeles.

Detective Lee is described by Deadline as, "a dedicated professional and master martial artist, a man of few words who knows how to get the job done." Series creator Bill Lawrence revealed last month that the show will follow a new plot with the same types of characters. He also hinted that he may not hire a martial artist to play Lee, but, now, that is not the case.

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Jon Foo, a British-born actor of both Chinese and Irish descent, is a skilled martial artist who started off as a stunt performer in movies such as The Protector, The Myth and most recently in Olympus Has Fallen. He is best known for playing Jin Kazama in the video game adaptation Tekken, and he also had roles in Universal Soldier: Regeneration and Bangkok Revenge. Bill Lawrence co-wrote the pilot script for Rush Hour with Blake McCormick, with both writers serving as executive producers alongside Brett Ratner and Arthur M. Sarkissian. Jon Turteltaub is directing the pilot episode and will also serve as an executive producer. It isn't known when production may begin on the pilot.