Back in September, we reported that Rush Hour director Brett Ratner is teaming up with Cougar Town creators Bill Lawrence and Blake McCormick for a TV show based on the hit movie franchise. Just a few weeks later, the project received a pilot commitment from CBS, although we haven't heard much more about the potential series since then. While promoting his new NBC comedy Undateable, Bill Lawrence revealed that the series will revolve around the same characters as the movie franchise, Detective Carter (Chris Tucker), an L.A. cop, and Lee (Jackie Chan) a Hong Kong inspector, who join forces. Naturally, the characters will be re-cast, with Bill Lawrence adding that the show revolves around a new story.

"New plot, same characters, a little younger, a little different, fish out of water. It's a cool script. I'm psyched about it."
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He added that the Lee character will still be skilled in martial arts, although he may go with an actor who doesn't exactly have experience in martial arts himself.

"The character will be a martial artist but you know how TV works. I'm going to go with the best actor and then I'll make anything work."

Bill Lawrence is well known for his work in the comedy genre, creating shows such as Cougar Town, Scrubs, Spin City and Ground Floor, but he added that his favorite genre to watch is action-comedy.

"My favorite genre is action-comedy. Midnight Run, favorite movie, Beverly Hills Cop, any of those old movies that had stakes but were still funny. I don't think anybody's done one in a while. I'm dying to. It might not work but the closest I came was I was supposed to write and direct the new version of Fletch at some point but I bailed on it in the middle of it. The movie business is complicated."

Bill Lawrence will executive produce Rush Hour alongside Brett Ratner and Arthur M. Sarkissian, although it isn't known when casting may get under way, or when production on the pilot will start. What do you think about these new details? Chime in with your thoughts below, and stay tuned for more on Rush Hour.