The West Wing actor Martin Sheen is set to narrate the upcoming documentary Rush to Judgment II, focusing on the assassination of former president John Fitzgerald Kennedy. The doc serves as a sequel to the 1967 movie Rush to Judgment, which was directed by Emile de Antonio and based on the book of the same name by lawyer Mark Lane. In the original book, Lane highlights various inconsistencies and other questions arising from the "official" version of the story, strengthening conspiracy theories that the hit was actually an inside job. Although Lane died in 2016, he will be posthumously credited as an executive producer.

Rush to Judgment II will also be executive produced by Stephen S. Jaffe, a former staff investigator. Jaffe is the final surviving member of the legal team tasked with investigating the assassination, so he's able to provide plenty of first-hand information about the case. Some of the included interviews will feature Kennedy family associates, former FBI, Secret Service, military intelligence and congressional personnel, and even JFK director Oliver Stone. Produced by Dylan Howard, the goal of the movie is to fully explore the theory that JFK's murder was planned by very powerful men while accused killer Lee Harvey Oswals was nothing more than a "patsy."

Martin Sheen is a highly appropriate candidate to serve as the narrator for this documentary, as the acclaimed actor has even portrayed JFK on-screen once before. In 1983, Sheen played the former president in the TV mini-series Kennedy, which served as a biopic for the brief time Kennedy spent in the White House. Coincidentally, Sheen also played his brother, Attorney General Robert F. Kennedy, in the TV movie The Missiles of October. Even as a narrator, Sheen has experience speaking about JFK's murder as well, providing the opening narration in Oliver Stone's JFK movie and the TV special The Kennedy Detail. Given his talent and knowledge of JFK, Sheen seems to be the perfect choice.

The subject of JFK's assassination has provided nonstop discussion for many decades now, with the official explanation provided by the government coming under a lot of scrutiny. Ever since the infamous killing, proponents of both sides of the argument have long been arguing their case. Whether you believe Lee Harvey Oswald was a lone gunman responsible for the killing or if there's much more to it is up to you, but at the least, we can all agree there are many strange aspects to the story. Because of this, the assassination has been used for creative fodder for a wide variety of movie and TV projects, more recently including the Hulu series 11/22/63 which was adapted from a Stephen King novel.

For anyone interested in the mysterious case that is the JFK assassination, Rush to Judment II is definitely going to be a movie to check out. While it doesn't seem likely the full extent of what really happened will ever be officially determined, hopefully the new doc will at least be able to offer some more answers. No word yet on when we can expect to see it released. This information comes to us from Deadline.