Gladiator 2:GLARE magazine had some questions to ask of producer Walter Parkes about the sequel to 2000's Gladiator, in which Russell Crowe might be reprising his role as 'Maximus'.

Maximus did die in the first 'Gladiator,' but the Romans had a great belief in the afterlife. Russell is exploring some ideas on how to come back. And this isn't as strange as it sounds because Gladiator 2 isn't exactly a sequel or a prequel, according to the filmmaker. "We can go backwards in time and forward," says Parkes. As for plot secrets, he divulges, "The piece revolves around Connie Nielsen's son, who is the last heir of Marcus Aurelius. Rome has become a fascist state and we have a prince who needs to find out who was his father.

This is all an interesting take on the direction the film could be heading in. When Parkes was asked if director Ridley Scott would return to direct the sequel he stated he did not know, but hoped that he would.

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Indiana Jones 4: It seems Steven Speilberg can't stop talking about the 4th Indiana Jones adventure. He recently talked of supernatural elements that will take place in the 1950's in the story. Just as well, he commented on the process so far:

Spielberg revealed that it was Ford himself who got the ball rolling on development of the sequel. Spielberg said that neither he nor producer George Lucas would otherwise have thought of making another Indy adventure. "Harrison's the one who got George and [me] to do it," the director said. "I was done with the Indiana Jones series, and Harrison got very proactive with both George and [me] and said, 'I want to play Indy one more time.' So he started this. Blame him."

Writer/director Frank Darabont (The Green Mile) is still writing the Indy script, but preproduction is on schedule for Spielberg to begin directing in 2004, with an eye to a July 2005 release, Spielberg said. "We have a story," he said. "The story's wonderful, but Frank's writing the script right now. Frank and I and George spent weeks together pounding out the story. The story's all pounded out. Now Frank just has to labor through it."

Movie PictureTerminator 3: Rise Of The Machines: The first good looks at the TX in the new film are up at the official site along with many other photos and screensavers! Movie Picture

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A Man Apart: The official teaser site for Vin Diesel's next has gone online with pics and a teaser for the new film.

Darkness Falls: The new 'Stay In The Light' web game has made it's way to the official site. To play, CLICK HERE

Freddy vs. Jason: Robert Englund's official website has posted some new behind the scenes photos of Englund wearing Freddy make-up and hanging out on the set.

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Surviving Christmas: According to Variety, Sopranos star, James Gandolfini, is set to star opposite Ben Affleck in the new Dreamworks production. The film follows a wealthy young man (Affleck) who, stricken with a variety of neuroses that prevent him from having a normal family life, hires a family with which to share the holidays. Gandolfini is set to play the family patriarch.

The Ring 2: Producer Walter Parkes talked about The Ring 2 at the recent Catch Me If You Can press junket in New York. Cinema Confidential has the details. CLICK HERE

Patrick Stewart On Star Trek: In a candid interview at the London premiere of Star Trek: Nemesis, Patrick Stewart told the press that whether or not they make another Star Trek film, he will not return.

"You never want to outstay your welcome. Just like an athlete, it's horrible to go on when the best is over."

Alone In The Dark: According to the Hollywood Reporter, popular video game, Alone In The Dark, is set to head to the big screen.

The deal includes video, DVD, cable, TV and pay-per-view rights to the movie. Infogrames retained the rights for a possible TV series based on the game franchise.

Shawn Williamson (House of the Dead) of Brightlight Pictures will produce, and Uwe Boll will produce and direct. Boll's first video game feature, Sega's House of the Dead with Mindfire Entertainment, recently wrapped and will premiere Feb. 14 at the San Francisco Film Festival.

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Polar Express: Tom Hanks recently talked with Sci-Fi Wire about his next film with Robert Zemeckis, Polar Express:

"The aesthetic quality of Chris Van Allsburg's book is so overpowering when you read it," Hanks said. "There's something that not only sucks you [in about] the artwork that he created—there is this intangible quality to the story and the characters. It's like 35 pages [long], half of which is text. [We're] using his art as the storyboards for the movie. It's got all sorts of elements to it. There's doubt, there's a journey, there's a quest. There are monumental moments that everybody can relate to. If we do it right, it'll be quite an artistic enterprise. It'll be like nothing the audience has ever seen. And if we fail miserably, we will be here around the year 2004 [doing an interview], and you'll all be saying, 'OK, so you want to explain exactly what happened here, Mr. Smarty-Pants?' And I'll be trying to come up with something."

Lord Of The Rings: The Two Towers: The movie is now out in theaters! Have you seen it? What did you think? Talk about it in our Lord Of The Rings forum! CLICK HERE

In a tiny soundbite from Elijah Wood at Cinescape, he hinted at the fact that we might have to wait longer for Return Of The King then we think...

While recently discussing this week's highly anticipated opening of THE TWO TOWERS, Elijah Wood made a comment that can rightly be considered interesting. The comments were in response to a journalist's remark about the difficulty in waiting another year for the final film of the trilogy. Wood said, sympathetically, "I know, and it might be longer too." The film or the wait, Elijah? The young actor backtracked, responding disingenuously, "What? I didn't say anything."

The LA Times have done a huge article on the CGI work of creating 'Gollum' in the new film. Here's a look:

Gollum's debut in "The Two Towers" marks the strongest marriage to date of technology and art in moviemaking. Already, Hollywood is talking about Academy Award nominations both for the team that gave Gollum life and the actor who gave him a soul.

"What's the difference between John Hurt wearing a latex mask in 'The Elephant Man' and Andy Serkis wearing a pixel mask of Gollum now?" asked Russell Schwartz, president of domestic marketing for New Line Cinema, which releases the movie Wednesday. "There's no difference. They're both human."

Making Gollum believable was the biggest technical and artistic challenge for Peter Jackson, who directed "The Lord of the Rings" trilogy. In the J.R.R. Tolkien series on which the movies are based, Gollum is a central figure, a Hobbit disfigured and driven mad by the power of the One Ring.

"Peter's biggest fear, even back in the earliest days, was that audiences would not think of Gollum as a 'he,' " said Lulu Zezza, a former production supervisor on the "Lord of the Rings" series.

"Peter thought the success of these movies hinged on Gollum being real, being believable," she said. "If he missed on Gollum, if he didn't create the hugely dimensional character that he is in the books, the movies would fail."

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