Russell Brand is set to take the summer movie-going season by storm with his second turn as rocker Aldous Snow in the upcoming Nicholas Stoller musical road trip comedy Get Him to the Greek. We recently visited the comedian on the set of his new movie, and Brand was quite open about some of the upcoming remakes he has attached himself to as a new leading man in Hollywood. Here is what he had to say about Drop Dead Fred and Arthur:

I am very excited to hear that you are attached to Drop Dead Fred. Was this something you enjoyed as a kid? And do you have a lot of new Ideas for it?

Russell Brand: Yes. I think it is going to be fucking brilliant. I love doing stuff with kids. I think it's a laugh. I love hanging out with them. I think it will be different. It won't be punky, like the original. It will be Victorian. And horrible. Fred will be a horrible, nasty imaginary friend. He will be wicked to children, with long, brown fingernails. He will have fingerless gloves, and a stovepipe hat, and a black lizarding tongue. He will whip it out at children. There's more technology now. It can be even crazier than the original.

Do you think kids have imaginary friends in this day and age?

Russell Brand: I imagine they do.

What else is on your development slate?

Russell Brand: There are some things in there. I think I will spill a drink, have a Tic-Tac, pick up some mouse droppings. No, my draw board of development has Arthur, the Dudley Moore movie. I am doing that. Drop Dead Fred, I am doing that. There are a couple of things. I am doing a movie for Paramount that is being produced by Adam Sandler. I am doing more stand-up. I will host some more big events. Go to rehabilitation for drug addicts. See my mom. Flirt with girls.

You have two remakes coming up. Do you worry about that?

Russell Brand: What's there to worry about? Everything's been done before. There are only seven storylines anyway. I'm not going to get worked up about it. The Sandler film is original. There's some good stuff coming up.

What about the Weird Al biopic?

Russell Brand: Are they finally doing that? I will take it!