While promoting their upcoming comedy The Heartbreak Kid, Bobby and Peter Farrelly spoke about their long gestating The Three Stooges film, and their next project entitled Hall Pass. Here is what they had to say:

Are you guys ever going to do a superhero movie?

Peter Farrelly: The closest we'll come is The Three Stooges. But, no, I don't see a superhero film happening. We weren't big comic book guys when we were growing up. There were certain things we didn't do. We weren't film buffs growing up. We weren't into theater, either. We only went to the movies about once a year. We would drive to the big city, we would see a movie, and then we'd come home.

What is going on with The Three Stooges?

Peter Farrelly: It's just a head scratcher. We were going to make it, but it has just turned into the hardest movie to make. For a few reasons. We have to get three actors who are all available at the same time. It's all overlapping. We can only ever nail two at a time. Then all of the studios are a little afraid of it. They don't think the women will show. My argument is that Dumb and Dumber wasn't a chick flick. They will eventually go if it's funny. The studios also say that it's only in the U.S. that this will sell. That they won't go see it overseas. Well, overseas, they didn't know what Dumb and Dumber was. I don't know why it has to be known overseas for it to work.

Are you trying to reimagined the characters? How is this going to work?

Peter Farrelly: It's Moe, Larry, and Curly. They sound the same. They look the same. They dress the same. But it takes place during present day. It's not a biopic. We've written all new stuff for their lives. Its four episodes. Twenty minutes long each. The original episodes were only eighteen minutes long. We have four of them, and the next one picks up where the last one left off. There is a wholeness there, but if you watched the third episode first, there wouldn't be a problem. They all have their own thing. But if you watched them all in a row, you would see a continuity. It's four straight episodes, and each one starts with the theme music. Three blind mice.

Do you guys have anything else that you are working on besides The Three Stooges?

Bobby Farrelly: We have a project called Hall Pass that we will probably do next. It's about a guy that gets a week off from his marriage. They don't know if they should break up, or what. And she essentially gives him a Hall Pass. She lets him go off for a weekend, and comedy ensues.

How long have you been married?

Bobby Farrelly: I've been married seventeen years. And my brother has been married for almost twelve years.

I guess its about time that you guys started thinking along these lines.

Bobby Farrelly: (Laughs)

Are there any casting choices for The Three Stooges?

Bobby Farrelly: I will tell you this. Of The Three Stooges, Moe is the one that we really want to get a really good actor for. We want to get Russell Crowe. Benicio Del Toro was once considered for the part. The other two guys will be more from the comedy world.

They were talking earlier about how much David Koechner and Rob Corddry look alike. You could cast them as the other two stooges.

Bobby Farrelly: I would work with Corddry and Koechner in a minute. Yeah, I love both of those guys. We just haven't gotten around to casting the film, but we love those guys.

The Heartbreak Kid opens October 5th, 2007