Russell Crowe's famous divorce auction in 2018 generated a lot of interest. One of the most talked about items, besides the Gladiator jockstrap John Oliver purchased, was a dinosaur skull. In a new interview, Russell Crowe admits to buying the now infamous skull from Leonardo DiCaprio while the two actors were partying and rather inebriated. Whatever the case may be, the skull ended up selling at his auction for a decent chunk of change.

Howard Stern had Russell Crowe on his show and brought up the dinosaur skull, which sold at his Art of the Divorce auction. Crowe knew instantly where the conversation was heading and was ready to talk about just how ridiculous it all sounds. While he may have been loaded, his heart was in the right place. He explains how he acquired the skull from Leonardo DiCaprio.

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"I bought it for my kids, and you know, cut myself a little bit of slack here, there was a bunch of vodka involved in the transaction and it happened at Leonardo's house."

When it came time to make the transaction, Leonardo DiCaprio was more than fair in his offer. But Howard Stern still wanted to know how it all came about. "You guys were having a fun night, and you say to Leonardo, 'Gee, this is fantastic a dinosaur head'?," asked Stern. Crowe admitted it wasn't exactly like that. He had this to say.

"No, I think he started the conversation, he's like, 'I got this one, but there's another one coming on the market that I really want so I'm trying to sell this one' and I said, 'Well, I'll buy it' I said 'How much you want for it?' He was pretty cool about it, he said, 'Just give me what I paid for it,' and I think he paid 30, 35 grand for it."

As for what type of dinosaur it was, Russell Crowe could not remember, which makes the story even more ridiculous. As it turns out, it was a Mosasaur, which has been describes as "the fossil relative of the monitor lizard family, which includes the Komodo Drago." The Mosasaur was huge and around during the Late Cretaceous Period, approximately 65 million years ago. Crowe only paid $30,000 or $35,000 for the head and then sold it at the auction for $65,000, so it was a decent investment.

All in all, the Art of the Divorce auction brought in over $3.7 million for Russell Crowe, which is pretty good. John Oliver famously bought some items, but it was the $7,000 jockstrap that Crow wore in Gladiator that got most of the attention. Oliver donated the prop to a Blockbuster Video in Alaska and Crowe later thanked the host for purchasing it and the other items. You can watch a video of Crowe trying to remember the details of his drunken dinosaur head purchase below, thanks to the Howard Stern Show YouTube channel.

Kevin Burwick at Movieweb
Kevin Burwick