Crowe & Bettany: If you haven't seen the multiple Oscar nominated film A Beautiful Mind yet, don't read this article. While Jennifer Connelly and Josh Lucas gear up for director Ang Lee and The Hulk, two other members of the Beautiful Mind team are getting ready to reunite. Paul Bettany, who plays one of Pulitzer Prize winner John Nash's schizophrenic visions, will reteam with Russell Crowe in director Peter (The Truman Show) Weir's Master & Commander for 20th Century Fox. Shooting will begin June 17th at Fox Studios Baja (made famous by Titanic). The $120 million dollar project is based on Patrick O'Brian's series of high-seas adventure novels. In the film, Bettany will play ships surgeon Stephen Maturin, the closest friend of Naval Captain Jack Aubrey (Crowe). Wonder what this'll do to Ron Howard's casting of The Alamo?

Topsiders: Dreamworks has paid a hefty sum for a screenplay by first-time writers Jonathan Rosenbloom and Justin Merz entitled Topsiders. Pic centers on a group of kids who find a treasure map which leads them on a subterranean adventure thru the NYC Subway system.

Shuffling through some news from the set of RED DRAGON, so check in this week for some more dirt!

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