According to The Sunday Telegraph, Oscar winner Russell Crowe says he has no ill-will towards co-star Hugo Weaving over his claim Crowe was responsible for the collapse of the film Eucalyptus. The film was to be an imaginary fairy tale about life and love in Austrailia based on Murray Bail’s award winning novel.

In the aftermath of the delay of the $32 million production last week, Weaving expressed surprise at comments by Crowe that the script needed work, saying he thought it

"was a gem"


"I don't have a problem with Hugo venting,"

Crowe said in an e-mail to The Sunday Telegraph.

"I agree with most of what he said. I fell in love with a magical and mysterious script by Michelle Joyner and (director) Jocelyn Moorhouse 14 months ago."

Crowe also wrote of his dedication to the movie and responded candidly to accusations that he was responsible for the delay, didn't want to be outshone by his co-stars and wanted to direct the film.

"Oh for goodness sake, what next? Perhaps I wanted to play Nicole's role as well? Yes, that must be it; Crowe needed nicer skirts,"

he continued.

"If I've tried to change anything it has been the desire to change things – what could be the word – a reversionist? When I came on board to play a minor role, in a specified amount of weeks, it all seemed quite simple. However, from that seed strange growths appeared in the script; at one of the many narrative junctures I was taken aback at the addition of a scene requiring me to expose my penis to the young Queen Elizabeth."

Crowe also says that he didn’t want to direct the film.

"No, I'm not the director, I am the executive producer of a floundered project that will take all the passionate advocacy I can muster to convince the powers-that-be to remount. The craftsmanship alone in the house set at Bellingen is enough to embolden my heart to face the accountants."

Fox Searchlight Pictures, which is backing the film, issued a statement this week denying it was Crowe's decision.

"We reiterate that postponement was a collective decision made by Fox Searchlight Pictures, Jocelyn Moorhouse, Russell Crowe, Nicole Kidman and Uberto Pasolini,"

Fox Searchlight Pictures president Peter Rice said in a statement.