Last night, Russell Crowe appeared on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, where he talked briefly about his role as Jor-El in Man of Steel. While he didn't share anything terribly specific, the actor did tell a humorous story about his son's reaction to the news that he is playing Superman's dad. Watch the interview, which also includes a brief glimpse at the actor's action figure for Man of Steel.

About playing Superman's dad Jor-El, Russell Crowe shared a funny story about his son, Charlie's reaction to the news.

"Its a reboot of the franchise with Zack Snyder, who did the 300 film, with a young English fellow called Henry Cavill as Superman, or Kal-El, as I would call him, because he's my son. Times have changed. I'm Superman's dad. I said to my son Charlie, "I'm going to be Superman's dad. If I'm Superman's dad, what does that make you?" He got really quite, and then he says, "Superman's brother?" (Laughs) To find out at his core and center he has that sort of humility...That is a wonderful moment."
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When the Jor-El action figure was shown to the audience, Russell Crowe had this to say.

"That's ridiculous...It's great, it's great. Make sure you buy one. Buy two!"

It isn't known when the next trailer for Man of Steel will debut, but don't be surprised if the marketing blitz begins in the very near future.