According to The Los Angeles Times, screenwriter Russell Gewirtz is working on developing stories for two very different heist movies: a potential sequel to his first script, Inside Man, and an untitled thriller starring Eddie Murphy and Chris Rock as Trump Tower janitors who scheme to rip off its luxury tenants.

Bill Collage and Adam Cooper (New York Minute, Accepted) wrote the first draft of the Trump project, from an original Murphy idea. But when Imagine Entertainment came to Gewirtz for a rewrite, he pitched a take in which an unsuccessful, oh-so-last-millennium high-tech heist is pointedly juxtaposed against the decidedly low-tech but no less artful plot of a couple of blue-collar guys with much more to gain and more believable motives. It's "a bit lighter than Inside Man while still aiming to hit those clever plot twists," says the Long Island native.

Brett Ratner (X-Men: The Last Stand) is attached to direct the film in March, when all the principals next have a free window.

Inside Man, directed by Spike Lee and starred Denzel Washington, Jodie Foster and Clive Owen, earned $184 million worldwide this year. Gewirtz had previously informed everyone involved with the first film that he already had an idea for a continuation of the story that included the return of several of the main characters.

Lee has recently announced that he is considering Inside Man 2 for his next directing project.