The fall can't come soon enough.

In an interview with Pop Matters, actor Rutger Hauer discussed the upcoming Blade Runner: The Final Cut DVD.

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This release is scheduled to come out this fall on Standard DVD, HD-DVD and Blu-ray disc from Warner Bros.. It is also going to get a bit of a theatrical run as well.

"It will be theatrically released in the fall, in September, and the DVD box will come after that runs out." Hauer stated when asked about this highly anticipated release.

Pop Matters then asked what fans could expect from this new version?

"I don't know." Hauer offered. "They couldn't show me. They were still working on it when I did an interview for the film half a year ago. They had to cut through the red tape (to show me what was going on) and I have only so much time for red tape."

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