Ryan & Kidman: Meg Ryan has committed to In The Cut, which Jane Campion will direct for producer Nicole Kidman. Kidman and Campion previously worked together on Portrait of a Lady.In The Cut, based on a novel by Susanna Moore, tells the story of a writing teacher who lives to cut loose and get wild at night. When her neighborhood ends up in the center of a murder case after several ghastly murders, she begins a relationship with a detective who's working the case.

Snow Dogs: Looks like Cuba Gooding, Jr. will get the chance to ride again. (Is this stuff what we gave him the Oscar for???) Scribes Mark Gibson and Philip Halprin who wrote the first film which has cleaned up at the multiplex, have been talking to Disney about beginning work on the sequel very soon. Yikes.

Daredevil: According to several web sources, we can look forward to a Daredevil teaser trailer before Minority Report .

Charlie's Angels 2: Sony has announced a release date of June 20th 2003. So far, Diaz and Barrymore are returning with McG again taking the directors chair.

Catch Me If You Can: According to the Hollywood Reporter, actor Martin Sheen has signed on to the film. Sheen will play the role of the father of one of DiCaprio's (who's playing Frank Abagnale, Jr.) girlfriends. Sheen has joined a cast that also includes Tom Hanks and Christopher Walken.

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