Ryan Page and Christopher Pomerenke, the writing and directing team behind cult hit Blood Into Wine as well as the forthcoming feature Queens of Country (Lizzy Caplan, Ron Livingston), have signed to William Morris Endeavor for exclusive representation with agents Mike Esola and Roger Green heading up Team Page/Pomerenke.

The creative duo is currently in pre-production on the dramatic feature Hayden Lake, a gripping true story that follows Pete Peterson, a young teen whose life is irreversibly altered by a mysterious boating accident on an Idaho lake which claims the lives of two 16-year old girls leaving the blame squarely on the bad boy. Hayden Lake follows Peterson as he escapes to Vietnam and eventually learns the truth about that life-changing 1964 evening.

The approach to the material is being kept under wraps but Co-Director Ryan Page explains, "This film is definitely a new challenge for Christopher and myself. Ninety-nine percent of independent filmmakers would approach Hayden Lake like any old independent film, shooting on location. We saw very clearly that there were elements in play here that were from the world of the classic films made in the studio system in Hollywood in the '50s and '60s and we've decided to make the film in a way that will stand side-by-side with the films of the era that and also reflect the time period our film takes place in. We're really out there in some uncharted territory for an independently financed film."

Christopher Pomerenke adds, "Ryan and I decided to take that to the extreme. Or, as Duran Duran or other '80s new wave acts would say, we want to take it right to the borderline. There is a film here that people definitely have not seen before."

Johanna Ray and Jenny Jue (Kill Bill, Twin Peaks) have signed on to cast the film with production commencing on Aug. 15, 47 years to the date of the accident.