The Proposal stars Ryan Reynolds and Sandra Bullock will reunite to lead the voice cast of And Then There Was Gordon, an animated pilot for Fox.

Ryan Reynolds will co-write the pilot script along with Allan Loeb. They both recently launched their own TV production company entitled DarkFire. Sandra Bullock is in talks to voice the female lead role, as well as executive produce. The story centers on an average child who is surrounded by his brilliant child prodigy siblings and their eccentric mother (Sandra Bullock). It isn't known which character Ryan Reynolds will voice.

Ryan Reynolds, Allan Loeb, Steven Pearl, and Jonathon Komack Martin will also executive produce the pilot alongside Sandra Bullock.

Interestingly enough, And Then There Was Gordon could pair up nicely with another upcoming animated comedy from Fox, Allen Gregory, which debuts on October 30. That series is the exact opposite of And Then There Was Gordon, centering on a young boy genius who is surrounded by ordinary kids.