The Free Guy trailer arrived earlier today. And it was so exciting to fans who saw it premiere live, Ryan Reynolds was nearly crushed by the CCXP crowd in Brazil. The actor came off the stage to mingle with fans during the Free Guy panel. However, as soon as the actor stepped of the stage, the barrier came crashing down, almost taking out Reynolds as a sea of people were suddenly crushed against the stage. The actor was able to jump back up on the stage, but it appears that the barrier may have hit his legs on its way down and his way back up.

Ryan Reynolds proves that he definitely has some fast reflexes in the video footage of the incident. He was able to jump back on to the stage quickly as Free Guy co-star Joe Keery looks on with a shocked and maybe amused look on his face. Reynolds has yet to address the incident as of this writing, but he looked pretty spooked for a second as thousands of screaming fans nearly injured him with their excitement. The footage ends abruptly, but it appears that Reynolds attempts to address the crowd again, but this time from the stage.

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Free Guy was the reason everybody was at the CCXP event. Ryan Reynolds and his co-stars unveiled the very first trailer for the highly anticipated movie and so far, it has received an enthusiastic response on social media. The movie centers on Reynolds' Guy character who is a non-playable character living within a video game. One day he decides that there has to be more to his life, so he begins to act out, which doesn't go as planned right away.

Ryan Reynolds has been in the news a lot over the past 24 hours, and not just for the Free Guy trailer launch. The actor also has his Aviation Gin, which just released an ad spoofing the now-infamous Peloton commercial girl. In the original commercial, a wife receives the exercise bike for Christmas from her husband. The ad has been criticized on social media for being sexist, which quickly caused it to go viral, leaving Reynolds and Aviation Gin open to hire the original actress to reprise her role. However, this time she is getting a divorce and is chugging Aviation Gin to forget about her husband.

The first Free Guy movie footage whipped everyone into a frenzy. But crowded events like CCXP always run the risk of something going wrong. Having thousands of adoring fans against what looks like a pretty shoddy barrier probably was not the best idea, especially when a star as big as Ryan Reynolds is on the other side. The Deadpool franchise has elevated Reynolds into a completely new level of fame, which is why he's a big deal at any Comic-Con these days. One can bet that security will be beefed up from this point forward at CCXP. You can watch Ryan Reynolds nearly getting crushed in a video below, thanks to Angell Skywalker's Twitter account.