Ryan Reynolds is finished promoting Deadpool 2 and is on to talking about his new Aviation Gin that he recently acquired. Instead of a normal interview to talk about his new gin, Reynolds chose to be interviewed by his fictional twin brother, Gordon Reynolds, who is obviously just Ryan, roasting himself. This is not the first time that Gordon and Ryan have had an in-depth discussion with each other, but this one takes the stakes of the first one and obliterates them with some pretty savage and hilarious burns on the mega star.

The nearly 3-minute video literally consists of Ryan Reynolds bashing himself and poking fun at celebrities who buy booze companies. The interview starts out okay, with Gordon asking about Father's Day and then abruptly changes topics after he claims that he has "stage 4... stage 4 I don't give a f*cks." Gordon then begins to bash Reynolds on his Aviation Gin, only to drink an entire glass of the clear liquid to reveal that it tastes like "a sunrise had sex with a feather duster," which doesn't sound too appetizing.

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The hilarious video proves that Ryan Reynolds has a great sense of humor about himself and everything he does. Additionally, it shows of his knack to promote things in an unorthodox manner that comes off as refreshing. The promotional tour for Deadpool 2 was basically a circus of late night texts that became realities. The Bob Ross-inspired first teaser trailer that really let everybody know that the Merc with a Mouth was back and that he was going to get as weird as Ryan Reynolds and crew could imagine. It only got more bizarre and weird from there with Reynolds dressing as a unicorn on a singing competition show in South Korea.

Speaking of Deadpool 2, the sequel opened with record-breaking numbers for an R-rated movie and has since grossed over $610 million worldwide, wiping the floor with Lucasfilm's Solo: A Star Wars Story, which took nearly everybody by surprise. Deadpool 2 has also been hailed by critics and fans, with many declaring that the sequel is even better than the first installment, a feat that seemed impossible a few months before the film's release. The production had some issues and the test screenings reportedly did not go over very well. However, none of that harmed anything about the success of Deadpool 2.

Ryan Reynolds will be back for the X-Force movie along with Josh Brolin and Zazie Beetz, so hopefully his evil twin Gordon comes back to hold another round of interviews with the actor when the movie hits theaters. For now, there are two hilarious interviews with Reynolds that you can watch, but the latest one is definitely the better of the two as you can see for yourself. You can watch both interviews below, thanks to Ryan Reynolds' YouTube channel. Just make sure to drink responsibly if you choose to go out and buy some of that Aviation Gin.