Earlier today, it was announced that Deadpool star Ryan Reyonlds is one of GQ's three picks for 2016 Man of the Year, alongside Olympic champion Usain Bolt and actor/filmmaker Warren Beatty. As part of Ryan Reynolds profile for GQ, the actor was interviewed by his own "twin brother," Gordon Reynolds, who tore his "brother" apart about a number of topics, including his mega-hit Deadpool and his not-so-successful Green Lantern.

The interview was posted on GQ's YouTube page today, where "Gordon Reynolds" wastes no time tearing into his twin brother. With both of these brothers sporting beards, Ryan tried to crack a beard joke by stating there are two beards in the room, which Gordon responded with by saying there would be three with his wife in the room. While we don't see her, Gordon is referring to Ryan Reynolds' wife Blake Lively. Gordon doesn't waste much time before tearing into both Deadpool and Green Lantern.

While there's no doubt that Deadpool is a box office hit, Gordon took a shot below the belt by asking Ryan if he thinks Deadpool is "the Green Lantern of good movies." Gordon also seems to pose an honest question when asking what made Deadpool so successful, but when Ryan mentions the efforts of director Tim Miller and writers Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick, Gordon interrupts by adding how bored he is. There is also a special celebrity cameo surprise towards the end of this hilarious two-minute video.

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Ryan Reynolds will return as the Merc With the Mouth in Deadpool 2, but this sequel has recently hit a stumbling block. Director Tim Miller recently backed away, reportedly over creative differences with Ryan Reynolds about the casting of the iconic character Cable. Deadpool revealed in the Ferris Bueller's Day Off-inspired post-credits scene that Cable will be featured in the sequel, but it remains to be seen who will be cast as the time-traveling mutant.

Deadpool 2 was originally supposed to start production this coming January, but it was recently pushed back, as the search for a new director continues. The sequel will also need to find another composer, since Junkie XL also left the project to support departing director Tim Miller. While we wait for more updates on Deadpool 2, take a look at this new video where Ryan Reynolds' twin brother Gordon rips on Deadpool and much more.