Actor and producer Ryan Reynolds is known for trolling people both as Deadpool and in real life. But the actor can get serious when the occasion demands it. Reynolds recently took to Twitter to unveil a new training program called 'Group Effort', that will allow BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Color} filmmakers to be a part of the moviemaking process with him.

"Making a movie, well it's a group effort. But for entirely too long, that group has systematically excluded Black, Indigenous, people of color and a whole host of other marginalized communities."
"So here's what we're gonna do. COVID willing, which is a weird thing to say, I'm going to be starting a movie this fall. And I'm committed to bringing between 10 and 20 trainees from the BIPOC community and all other marginalized communities of all ages."

The issue of unequal opportunities afforded to minority filmmakers in Hollywood has come under sharp focus in the last month, and many studios have issued statements declaring their intention to be more inclusive when it comes to casting talent for future projects. As an A-list actor with a global fan-following, Reynolds appears to be committed to doing his part in raising the profile of BIPOC filmmakers in the industry. The actor also goes on to reveal that he will personally bear the expenses of housing for the trainees.

"Anyway, these new recruits - they're gonna be paid, housed and traveled out of my salary. They're gonna spend their days on set learning from professionals, getting real life experiences that they can parlay into another job and then hopefully, if they're not too disillusioned, a career in the film industry."
"Now, this is an overdue action, but I got to thank Netflix and I have to thank Skydance for letting us do this, and since it's called Group Effort, we're hoping that people with the privilege that I'm lucky enough to experience will join in that effort."

A website for the initiative has also been set up, with directions for becoming a part of the program.

"Specifics for the shoot are still being finalized, but please register for updates via email below. We will be sending out filming and application details in the coming weeks."

In the coming days, it is quite likely that Hollywood will see more of such programs see the light of day. It now remains to be seen which of Reynolds' upcoming movie projects will serve as the initiation ground for project 'Group Effort'. The fact that the actor thanked Netflix in his post makes it likely that the movie in question is going to be one of the films the actor is making under the streaming giant's banner. The possible options include the planned sequel to 6 Underground, or Red Notice, starring Reynolds, Gal Gadot and Dwayne Johnson, or the untitled Reynolds-Shawn Levy produced action-adventure comedy that Netflix recently brought the rights to, that will also see the actor in the lead role.

Neeraj Chand