Ryan Reynolds is trolling Henry Cavill's Justice League mustache removal pretty hard. The Deadpool actor is out promoting his Aviation Gin and having a really good time doing so. The Justice League production seemed to fall apart when Zack Snyder left. Snyder bailed right before reshoots were to take place and the studio, along with Joss Whedon, shaped a new movie out of what had already been shot, which came up with mixed results, to say the least. While there was a lot of problems behind-the-scenes, one big problem ended up on the screen.

Henry Cavill was shooting Mission: Impossible - Fallout when he was asked to come back for Justice League reshoots. The actor had grown out a pretty substantial mustache and was contractually obligated to keep it, meaning that he did his Superman scenes with a pretty burly stache that they decided to edit out in the post-production process. However, it looks like they ran out of money when it came time to digitally shave Cavill's face because it looks completely ridiculous in the final cut of the movie.

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It's been nearly two years since Justice League hit theaters and the movie is still very much in the news, thanks in part to the Release the Snyder Cut cult. Ryan Reynolds decided to bring the old CGI mustache removal controversy back into the public consciousness in honor of Movember and his Aviation Gin. "Does Aviation Gin make you feel like a superhero?" asks a mustachioed Reynolds in the ad. After he takes a sip, his mustache has disappeared, though it looks all distorted and funky, like Henry Cavill's face in Justice League. "Honestly, I'm so sorry about this," says Reynolds in the caption for the video.

Since it's Ryan Reynolds, the video starts to get more absurd as the mustache disappears and then reappears moments later in what looks like a glitch. It's a clever troll and one that Henry Cavill and DC fans will more than likely find pretty funny. To this day, fans have been wondering why the studio chose to do such a horrible job with the digitally removed Superman's mustache in Justice League. It honestly looks like they did it as bad as they could on purpose. Whatever the case may be, we now have a pretty good ad for celebrity alcohol sales.

Henry Cavill responded to the clever add with the best response possible. Looking back at his time wearing that Superman mustache, he says, 'Can't CGI the pain away...Make mine a double.'

It is believed that Ryan Reynolds is getting ready to make a Marvel Cinematic Universe announcement at any time now. The actor has met with Marvel Studios and it's only a matter of time before we hear about Deadpool 3 coming out under the Disney umbrella. After so many years of dishing it out to other celebrities, Reynolds may be on the receiving end again if the next movie ends up being sanitized in any way, shape, or form. It can't be worse than 2011's Green Lantern movie. You can check out the Justice League mustache removal trolling below, thanks to Ryan Reynolds' Twitter account.

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