Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman are back at it again. The actors have had a long-standing, and very entertaining (let's not forget loving) feud with one another on social media for quite some time. Recently, the two declared that it was time to end this madness and they had called a truce. What's more, they both agreed to make ads for one another's drink companies. In a new video, both actors were good to their word but, thanks to Jackman's antics, the feud is back on and we're all the better off for it.

Both Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman shared a new video in honor of their recent truce. The two are gathered together, looking friendly as ever, sitting down to share their love. Reynolds then reveals that he's been working 24/7 on his ad for Jackman's Laughing Man Coffee, as he had promised to do previously. Reynolds, foolishly, assumes Jackman had been working just as hard on his add for Reynolds' Aviation Gin. Reynolds then rolls his ad, which consists of very cinematic shots, showcasing the process that goes into making the coffee, with some voiceover providing nothing but nice things to say.

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"Hugh could be behind such a Hugh-roic company. Hm, you guessed it. My friend, Hugh Jackman. The loving and caring man who created Laughing Man. Make every cup count."

Hugh Jackman is impressed, especially when Ryan Reynolds reveals that the ad cost him $1 million to make. Reynolds is then eager to see Jackman's add, but the Logan star is hesitant to show the Deadpool actor what he's cooked up. When pressed, Jackman rolls the ad, which sees him sitting in a very fancy, leather-clad room with the actor in a nice suit, sitting in a chair to discuss Aviation Gin. Jackman decided to go another way with it.

"Ryan Reynolds is a complete and total f*****g a*****e. The gin is pretty great though, I'll have to try it someday."

The Aussie star then tips the bottle of gin over, letting it spill out onto the table, never tasting a drop and clearly not putting nearly as much effort into this whole thing as his Canadian counterpart did. In offering up an explanation, Hugh Jackman more or less made it clear that the feud is very much still alive.

"I'm sorry man I didn't think the truce was actually real."

Ryan Reynolds is, rightfully so, stunned at all of this. Then the video fades out. And thus, the feud is back on, unless Reynolds decides to take the high road on this one. Though, we're guessing that's not going to be the case. We may never see Deadpool team up with Hugh Jackman's Wolverine, but if the two can keep this up, it may be just as entertaining. Be sure to check out the full video from Ryan Reynolds' YouTube channel below.

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Ryan Scott