Ryan Reynolds doesn't just play a wise ass in the Deadpool movies. He's also a certified jokester in real life. And we need look no further than his social media accounts for proof of this. His wife, former Gossip Girl star and acclaimed actress Blake Lively was the latest victim of his joking, when he brutally mocked her latest movie makeover. Or perhaps we should call it a makeunder.

Most actors praise their significant others on social media with posts about how beautiful their wives are, or how amazing their husbands tend to be. Not good old Ryan Reynolds, though. That would be too boring for the comedic talent behind such classics as Van Wilder and The Proposal. Instead of giving his wife props for taking on a more challenging role, he'd rather make fun of her.

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Having just wrapped on Deadpool 2, Reynolds has a little bit of downtime. And he's using those precious moments to poke some fun at his wife. Lively is currently in Ireland filming the drama The Rhythm Section. The story follows a woman who seeks revenge against those who orchestrated a plane crash that killed her family.

Lively underwent quite the makeover, and is almost unrecognizable as her former glamorous self in Reynolds shared Instagram photo. The actress is seen without make-up, with an unkept shorn bob, and some seriously mismatched baggy clothes. Reynolds quips, 'no filter' in sharing the photo.

Some fans are having a ball with the comment section on this photo, while others have blasted Ryan for making fun of homeless people, which we're sure wasn't his intention. Now, many are looking forward to Blake Lively's revenge, however that may arrive. We're guessing it's going to be quite harsh, as this image has since gone viral.

Not so long ago, Ryan Reynolds posted a happy birthday photo of his wife, wishing her well on his official Vancity Reynolds Instagram. Though, he cut her mostly out of the image, which showed the pair on the red carpet. Blake Lively retaliated recently, when she went to wish her husband a happy birthday. She shared a photo of her significant other standing next to Ryan Gosling at a party. She crops most of Reynolds out of the photo, leaving only half of his face.

The pair have been married since September 2012, and appear to be one of the happier couples in Hollywood at the moment. Which is surely helped along by these fun social media blasts. The two met on the set of Green Lantern, which turned out to be a huge bomb for Ryan Reynolds, and almost ruined his career. But at least something good came out of it. The pair have two daughters. So far, Reynolds hasn't taken to teasing them on social media. You can see the pair's recent Instagram posts in the embeds below.

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