Moviehole talked to Ryan Reynolds about The Flash, a film he has been linked to for several years now, and whether that's still the case now that writer/director David Goyer has left the project:

Now that David Goyer's left The Flash project does that mean you're off the project as well?

Um, you know I was never officially on the project's just something that most of the fan boys have felt like there's a strong similarity between Ryan Reynolds and Wally West. So, I certainly know of Wally and have read all the comic books and I'd love to jump in there and play him. I don't know where the direction of the Flash is going to go from here though. Shawn Levy is taking it over and they may decide that Barry Allen is the one that they want in there, an older version of the Flash, and that is something that I wouldn't be interested in playing. But if it was Wally I would definitely be curious.

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