RZA has lined up two projects to follow his directorial debut The Man with the Iron Fists, signing on to make Genghis Khan and No Man's Land.

The Genghis Khan biopic was written by John Milius (Apocalypse Now), who was originally set to direct. The story will follow the Mongolian leader and his rise to power, uniting all the Mongol tribes in the 13th Century. The story will be told through the perspective of Khan's son and grandson.

Andre Morgan and Peter Lam are producing, with shooting scheduled to begin sometime next year in China.

Trey Ellis and David Klass wrote No Man's Land, which centers on a man who steals a criminal's diamond. He enlists the help of a dancer to keep him alive long enough to cash in on the valuable jewel. The whole story takes place during one night.

Bill Mechanic and Reginald Hudlin are producing No Man's Land, which will likely be RZA's next project. It isn't known when shooting will begin.