The Good

A fun show that examines the ultimate benefits of being different.

The Bad

No Extra Features.

Sabrina, The Teenage Witch: The Complete Second Season features 26 episodes of 17 year old Sabrina Spellman (Melissa Joan Hart) dealing with life on her terms. Helping her deal with her powers are Aunt Hilda (Caroline Rhea), Aunt Zelda (Beth Broderick) and of course her trusty cat sidekick voiced by Nick Bakay. We open this sophomore season with the two parter "Sabrina Gets Her License," but since this is Sabrina, it isn't the license that you might imagine. Having no time to study for her witch's wings Sabrina gets all the time she needs when the Quizmaster (Alimi Ballard) enters the picture. "Sabrina Claus" is a fun episode that mixes up the witch genre with the Christmas one. When Sabrina accidentally makes Santa Claus unable to carry out his yuletide duties, Sabrina learns a thing or two about the real meaning of Christmas when she takes on his job. "The Band Episode" has Sabrina, Harvey (Nate Richert) and Valerie (Lindsay Stone) forming a band. However, big problems arise when success hits them and suddenly their friendships are all called into question.


No Extra features came with this release.


Full Screen Format. Okay, the picture is of the typical sitcom variety with standard lighting and even more standard editing. What kills me is this listing:

Some episodes may be edited from their original network versions.

Why in the world does CBS seem intent on doing that? Are they really saving that much money by shortchanging the consumer who is buying this product? While I obviously can't say that I noticed a great void in what I was watching, it was the knowledge that I wasn't getting everything that bothered me the most. All in all, with 6 hours and 15 minutes of content spread out over 26 episodes, that means each episode comes out to being 14 and a half minutes in length. Something tells me a bigger editing job was done here than previously thought.


Dolby Digital: English Stereo Surround. Again, the audio was solid if not overly standard. Where I had the biggest problem was with this listing:

Some music has been changed for this home entertainment version.

I just don't get the logic of altering the show in this way. However, with music I guess I can understand it because then the brass at Paramount doesn't have to shell out the big money for all the original songs.


Sabrina and her cat are presented on this front cover with our main character casting some kind of a spell with her hand. The back features another shot of Sabrina as well as a mixture of shots from the show and promo shots underneath it. There is a well written description of what this show is about as well as a technical specs list. The four discs that make up this set are stored in an economical, amaray case (good job Paramount), and there are episode listings and descriptions lining the walls.

Final Word

I have really come to enjoy Sabrina, The Teenage Witch. I remember hearing about it vaguely when it first began airing, but I didn't really watch it. The great thing about my job with MovieWeb is that it affords me the ability to be able to catch up on shows that I missed in their original runs. This show hails from the late 1990s so it really isn't that dated, or even that old. What it is is simply a fun show giving us a glimpse into the world of a girl who is a little different. Melissa Joan Hart has that All American appeal. Yet, by making her a witch she is different and thus makes herself somebody that people can relate to. In some ways she reminded me of the character Danny Phantom. He is by all rights an all American boy (even though he is a cartoon). However, he has these amazing, supernatural abilities that he sometimes sees more as a hindrance than a blessing. While Sabrina seems more well adjusted, no matter how you slice it this girl is different.

Stretched out over 4 discs, Sabrina, The Teenage Witch: The Complete Second Season is filled with a lot of fun, humorous situations and life lessons.

Sabrina, the Teenage Witch was released .