It seems that an outrageous comedian will be moving away from his documentary-style films. According to Variety, Sacha Baron Cohen has started his own production company, dubbed Four By Two Films, and he already has his first two films lined up.

The first film is entitled Accidentes, written by Peter Baynham, who was one of the writers on both Borat and Bruno. Baron Cohen will star as a personal injury lawyer who becomes a blue-collar hero when he helps an immigrant win a case against his employer after an on-the-job accident. The film was originally set up at Fox Atomic, but that label folded and a new deal was set up at Universal.

Not much is known about the second, untitled film, but the pitch alone set off a massive bidding war, which Columbia Pictures won. Baron Cohen will write the film along with all of his Borat and Bruno writers, Baynham, Art Hines and Dan Mazer.