Sacha Baron Cohen is in negotiations to star opposite Johnny Depp in Tim Burton's film version of the musical Sweeney Todd, according to Production Weekly.

The Stephen Sondheim musical thriller revolves around Benjamin Barker alias Sweeney Todd, (Depp) who returns to London after being deported to find out what happened to his wife and child at the hands of Judge Turpin. When he learns of their terrible fate he joins fortunes with Mrs. Nellie Lovett, the baker downstairs from his barbershop, and sets out to seek revenge. Cohen will play Signor Adolfo Pirelli, Todd's competitor in the haircutting world.

Production is set to begin shooting in early February at Pinewood Studios near London. Pre-recordings will begin in November and December. Burton also has a history with the complex in which he filmed Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, The Planet of the Apes and Batman.