In the early 2000s, "versus" movies were quite popular, with Freddy vs. Jason, Alien vs Predator and several other movies hitting theaters, pitting two cinematic icons against each other. Earlier this year, the "versus" format was pushed to a whole new level with Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, although that wasn't really a true "versus" movie, since it helped set up Warner Bros.' Justice League universe. The format will go back to its horror roots this summer with the Japanese movie Sadako vs. Kayako, which pits the evil spirits from The Ring and The Grudge against each other. Today we have a new trailer and photos which showcases the horror battle of the year.

Ironically enough, Sadako vs Kayako was actually birthed through an April Fool's Day joke which quickly went viral. Japanese studio Kadokawa and NBCUniversal Japan realized the cinematic potential of this joke, and Sadako vs. Kayako was born. These two iconic supernatural entities from The Ring and The Grudge go against each other as they battle for ghostly supremacy, which you can see in this trailer from New Trailers Buzz. The movie is slated for release in Japan on June 18, but it isn't known if there is a domestic release being planned quite yet.

Both the original versions of The Ring (Ringu) and The Grudge (Ju-On) were largely responsible for the Japanese horror craze that also swept through America at the same time as the "versus" genre was becoming popular. Ringu was adapted stateside into the 2002 hit The Ring, with the American adaptation of Ju-On, The Grudge, following in 2004. Of course, even if Sadako vs. Kayako doesn't hit theaters in the U.S., if it becomes as popular as its original predecessors, a U.S. adaptation may not be too far behind. Except two different studios are behind both horror properties in the States, so it might also be impossible to get an English language remake.

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Sadako vs Kayako stars Mizuki Yamamoto as Yuri Kurahashi, who becomes caught in the middle of these two warring supernatural entities. The supporting cast includes Tina Tamashiro, Aimi Satsukawa, Misato Tanaka, Masahiro Komoto, Masanobu Ando and Takako Fuji. Kôji Shiraishi (Gurotesuku, Noroi) is directing from a script based on the characters created by Takashi Shimizu and Kôji Suzuki. While we may have to wait some time before this movie hits theaters, there are already different versions of The Ring and The Grudge in various stages of development.

Paramount will release Rings, set several years after the original classic The Ring, on October 28, and a report surfaced last week that the studio hopes to produce annual follow-ups to Rings, if its theatrical release proves to be successful. Sony is also developing another remake of The Grudge, with Sam Raimi set to produce. While we wait for more details on Rings and The Grudge remake, check out the new trailer and photos from Sadako vs. Kayako.

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