They are two of Japan's biggest /death-house-movie-cast-horror-icons/horror icons. And they are about to battle it out in the epic crossover thriller Sadako Vs Kayako. While we awaited the stateside sequel Rings, which arrives this October, and another installment of The Grudge, which has not been given a release date yet, we can look forward to the original spirits going toe-to-toe in this impending J-horror extravaganza!

In the tradition of Freddy vs. Jason, the popular Japanese franchise Ringu is about to meet its scary match when it enters the world of Ju-On. Both original movies, which have since been adapted for American audiences, kicked off what has become known as the J-Horror craze back in the late 90s. And it's a sub-genre that has flourished ever since.

Both movies revolve around an evil curse, and both movies have a scary revenge-filled spirit at their core. And both movies have become gargantuan franchises on both sides of the equator. Now, after an April Fools' Day joke went viral, Kadokawa and NBCUniversal Japan have actually produced Sadako Vs Kayako for fans who demanded these two ghosts battle it out for underworld domination.

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Kôji Shiraishi, best known for the movies Gurotesuku and Noroi, is directing. Mizuki Yamamoto, seen in such Japanese cult classics as Close Range Love and Black Butler, will be the actor caught between these two warring spirits. While there are currently no plans to release Sadako Vs Kayako in the States, it will get a 4D release in Japan this summer.

No plot details have been revealed for Sadako Vs Kayako. And it isn't known when we'll get to see it here in the states. Or if the movie will get an America remake. Ju-On: The Final debuted June 20 of this past summer in Japan, and is getting a Sam Raimi produced remake in the U.S. sometime soon. Rings is being released by Paramount Pictures, while The Grudge is at Sony. So it's unclear if an American adaptation can even happen.

Sadako Vs Kayako is being released this summer in Japan. The movie will arrive in 4D. This latest trailer should excite fans of both horror franchises, and it shows Kayako crushing Sadako's iconic cursed VHS tape. Take a look and let us know what you think. Is this going to be better than that other big 'Vs' movie coming in March?

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