After starring in last year's blockbuster X-Men: Days of Future Past and this year's thriller The Lazarus Effect, Evan Peters heads over to the indie cinema side with Safelight. We have your exclusive first look at the poster, which showcases the contrasting tones of this upcoming drama, along with a photo gallery. The top half of the poster shows Evan Peters' Charlie in a peaceful setting with his new friend Vickie (Juno Temple), while the bottom half shows the lengths that Charlie will go to protect her from her pimp Skid (Kevin Alejandro).

The paths of three desperate individuals perilously cross in a dusty desert town. Charles (Evan Peters) is a high school senior with physical challenges, Vickie (Juno Temple) is a troubled runaway turning tricks at a truck stop, and Skid (Kevin Alejandro) is her dangerously psychotic pimp, who has a huge chip on his shoulder. He continuously harasses Charles and Vickie but things take a menacing turn when the two embark on a road trip up the California coast to photograph lighthouses. Skid can't stand the imagined betrayal and comes looking to punish Vickie, armed with a hunting knife. The three of them face each other in a violent showdown that will change their lives forever.

Jason Beghe, Christine Lahti, Ariel Winter, Matthew Ziff, Meaghan Jette Martin, William Peltz, Don Stark and Joel Gretsch co-star in Safelight, which debuts in theaters and on VOD formats July 17 from ARC Entertainment. Tony Aloupis (Sugar) directs from his own original screenplay. Check out the poster and photos below, and stay tuned for trailers and more footage from Safelight as we get closer to its release next month.

<strong><em>Safelight</em></strong> Poster

<strong><em>Safelight</em></strong> photo 1
<strong><em>Safelight</em></strong> photo 2
<strong><em>Safelight</em></strong> photo 3
<strong><em>Safelight</em></strong> photo 4
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