Risky Business is reporting that Sahara Lotti is going to write the comedy The Exes for CBS Films.

The project is going to be an adaptation of the best-selling 2003 novel "The Ex Files," that was written by British columnist Jane Moore. In this film version, an engaged couple decides that they are going to "invite several of their exes to a celebratory wedding weekend on an exotic island, which turns out not to be such a great idea."

Amazon decribes the book as follows:

Faye is a spoiled, high-profile fashion model who is ready to give up the dating life and marry Mark, a sweet, good-natured up-and-coming chef. But before she flies off to her expensive wedding in the south of France, Faye has one last fling--a mistake with repercussions that have no bounds. Then there is the wedding itself. At Mark's insistence, they invite a few of their exes: Faye's self-absorbed, sex-crazed ex, Nat, and Mark's ex, Kate, who is bitter and angry because she isn't the bride. Faye's plans for a perfect wedding fall completely apart when she realizes her one-night stand is a guest at her wedding. Between figuring out who, if anyone, is truly happy for the couple and keeping her infidelity a secret, Faye has no choice but to decide what and who it is she really wants. Though the plot is fairly predictable, Moore makes a decent effort to keep the story moving by using flashbacks to highlight different points in the respective relationships.

Leonard Goldberg (Charlie's Angels) is going to produce this project.

Evan Jacobs at Movieweb
Evan Jacobs