WGN America has debuted the first full trailer for Season 2 of Salem, debuting Sunday, April 5 at 10 PM ET. These new episodes open at the dawn of the witch war set into motion at the end of Season 1, with its catalyst and Salem's deadliest witch, Mary Sibley (Janet Montgomery) at the center of the mayhem as she faces off against new and old adversaries vying for her throne. In the wake of the destruction caused by the Grand Rite, completed by Mary and inadvertently triggered by Isaac Walton (Iddo Goldberg) in the season one finale, the fates of Captain John Alden (Shane West), Cotton Mather (Seth Gabel), Tituba (Ashley Madekwe), Anne Hale (Tamzin Merchant), Mercy Lewis (Elise Eberle) and Isaac hang in the balance.

Salem boldly re-imagines the Infamous witch trials in the 17th century Massachusetts town. The storyline follows Captain John Alden returning from war to his hometown of Salem, where he finds it in the grip of a witch panic and discovers that his lost love, Mary Sibley, is now married to his old nemesis George Sibley. Throughout the fiery first season filled with wicked deceit and shocking revelations, the two must navigate a world where horror, hysteria and the Supernatural reign. At the end of season one, John commits to risking his life for his one true love, even after learning Mary is a witch and at the center of the hysteria plaguing Salem.

New to the embattled 17th-century village for the second season of Salem are Lucy Lawless as Countess Marburg, one of the last descendants of a legendary line of ancient German witches; Stuart Townsend as Samuel Wainwright, a mysterious doctor looking to uncover the secrets of Salem as he keeps a few of his own; Joe Doyle as Baron Sebastian Marburg, the charming and cultured son of the Countess; and Oliver Bell as Mary's long-lost son, who was revealed in the Season 1 finale to have been secretly kept alive all along by her coven. In addition to the trailer, we also have four new Season 2 posters that you can check out below. How do you think the Witch War will unfold this season on Salem? Chime in with your thoughts below.

<strong><em>Salem</em></strong> - Season 2 photo 1
<strong><em>Salem</em></strong> - Season 2 photo 2
<strong><em>Salem</em></strong> - Season 2 photo 3
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