I'm not sure if you guys know this about me by this point in time, but I'm a massive Stephen King fan. And thus one of the upcoming horror movies I'm looking forward to checking out the most is producer James Wan and screenwriter Gary Dauberman's big-screen adaptation of King's horrific vampire novel Salem's Lot. And today Dauberman spoke a bit about the upcoming film and how he is approaching penning the adaptation - mostly, that he plans for the film to be as faithful to the original novel as possible.

Specifically, the Annabelle Comes Home and IT Chapter Two screenwriter says this.

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"I like to be as true to the story as I possibly can until it gets a little too unwieldy for a movie. I'm very, very excited to be a part of that and tackle it. It hasn't had the big screen treatment yet, which is how I felt about It. It's so fun to play around with vampires and make something truly scary with vampires. I haven't seen that in a long, long time, and I'm excited for people to see it."

Hell, yeah! This is good to hear for us horror movie fans and fans of King's novel as the original 1979 Tobe Hooper-directed TV version of King's book - while scary as hell in its own right - strayed pretty far from the source material. Especially when it came to the character of Kurt Barlow.

But all of this Salem's Lot business out of the way, Gary Dauberman also dropped some interesting new tidbits on the recently canceled Swamp Thing series over on DC Universe, which he wrote and executive produced along with James Wan and Mark Verheiden. When asked if he could say anything about it at this point, and if there is any hope for a revival somewhere else, Dauberman replied.

"I can't speak to the last question because I don't know. I love that show. Mark Verheiden did such a great job captaining that ship. What Mark and I set out to do was to be true to the spirit of the comic, and I think we really accomplished that. I'm so happy to see that critics and fans are embracing it the way they are. We were really confident that people were going to dig it. I got giddy thinking about the idea of just being able to adapt Swamp Thing for TV. There are so many stories you could do - set within that swamp and that town. We had such big ideas for the following seasons, and it's a shame we can't explore those now. But, man, I'm really happy people are seeing it and loving it the way that we do."

He then added this.

"It was a gut punch."

While there is no current word on just when Dauberman's adaptation of Stephen King's novel Salem's Lot will be hitting a movie theater near you, we do know that his recently canceled Swamp Thing series is currently airing its final episodes over on DC Universe, and his directing debut Annabelle Comes Home hit your local multiplex today. This story comes to us via The Hollywood Reporter.