BlackFilm caught up actress Salli Richardson, who answered some questions about her involvement with the upcoming sci-fi thriller, I Am Legend, which also stars Will Smith. Here are some tidbits of what she had to say:

I play Will's wife, and his daughter actually plays our daughter in the film. I think we basically set the tone for the whole film because what would happen if you see this virus that's really killing the whole world and your husband is the only hope. You have your child there and what happens to her if she dies, we're going to be sent away. Will we see each other again? Will he be alive? Will he be safe? I think it just sets up the whole film for devastation that's going to happen.

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Had you read the original book?

No, I hadn't but I knew when I was telling my cast from the show that I was going in for an audition, they were like, 'You don't understand. That's like a huge cult film.' So, I need to see the original. I think the version we did is completely different, but with a good twist.

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I Am Legend arrives in theatres on December 14th, 2007.