Samuel L. Jackson is in talks to appear as a mysterious super villain in The Spirit. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Frank Miller will direct the comic book adaptation.

The film will focus on Denny Colt. He is a murdered cop that returns from the dead as the mysterious hero The Spirit.

Jackson would play the Spirit's antagonist, the Octopus. He is a psychotic killer who filets anyone unfortunate enough to see his face. His plan is to wipe out the fictitious Central City before The Spirit can stop him.

Jackson is Miller's first choice to play the evil killer known as The Octopus. He is also currently considering different actors for the lead role.

The screenplay is based on the comic book series created by the late Will Eisner. The film will mark the first solo directing project for Miller, who co-helmed 2005's Sin City with Robert Rodriguez.

B. Alan Orange at Movieweb
B. Alan Orange