Deadline New York is reporting that with MGM seemingly in a financial straight jacket, and Bond 23 on hold, Sam Mendes is putting in play his next two projects.

First up, he will be directing the stage musical "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory." He hopes to have a holiday 2011 premiere in London. From there, the hope is that the production will go to Broadway.

As sets and other things for that production are being worked on, Mendes wants to direct the feature Chesil Beach. It seems he is talking with actress Carey Mulligan to play the female lead in the film for Focus Features. The property is an adaptation of the Ian McEwan novella. McEwan is also writing the script.

Chesil Beach is set in the UK in 1963. It follows "two repressed virgins in their early twenties whose attempt to consummate ends badly. Their futile attempt at lovemaking leads to doubt and recriminations."

Mendes still hopes to direct Bond 23 once MGM figures out their "ownership situation."