His Dark Materials:Ain't It Cool News announced today that The London Times mentions that Sam Mendes, the director of American Beautyand Road To Perdition may be ready to take the helm on New Line Cinema's upcoming production of teh clasic novel, His Dark Materials:

"Harry here with some news that would delight me for days and days and months to come. We all know that after this Christmas, it may seem the New That is definitely something to get excited about, and when New Line announced they were working with the genius, Tom Stoppard to adapt the novels into screenplays... well... my expectations began to rise. Well, today in The London Times they mention that Sam Mendes... Yes, that SAM MENDES... is interested in directing HIS DARK MATERIALS... perhaps not the entire trilogy, maybe just the first one or two. BUT, whatever the case... That would simply be tremendous. Dontcha think? I do! I'll definitely continue to keep my eyes open to see what can be seen."

Stay tuned...

Brian B. at Movieweb
Brian B.