Spider-man 3: and Evil Dead 4: According to an interview over at Zap2It, director Sam Raimi is excited to return to his Evil Dead franchise once the 'Spidey' series has completed...

"I definitely want to do it and I think after -- whenever the Spider-Man jobs end -- I would love to dig in on that," Raimi says. "That's something I'm really looking forward to." RELATED: Bruce Campbell Blasts UK Film Board Tweet About The Evil Dead

He's already approved the remake of his 1981 "Evil Dead" which is a sequel to "Army of Darkness," but he doesn't plan to direct the remake. Instead, he wants to continue the story with a fourth film.

Meanwhile, he has a 50-page draft of the third "Spider-Man" installment, and says, "I don't want to assume that they would hire me to direct the fourth or fifth one. I would love to direct them if they ask me."

He says with 40 years of the Marvel comic series there's plenty of material, but he's not sure he will be the right guy to direct more than three. "If I still feel there's a tremendous amount to tell about his growth as a human being, and I have as much of a passion for the character as I have right now, you'd have to -- you'd have to fight me off with a stick not to direct it," Raimi says.

Meanwhile, he's still figuring out the script for the third "Spider-Man."

Raimi says, "I'm about to start working with Alvin Sargent to work on the screenplay, the first draft."