Sam Raimi has chosen the supernatural thriller Drag Me to Hell as his directorial follow-up to the Spider-Man trilogy. According to Variety, the film was co-written by Sam and his brother Ivan Raimi.

The film revolves around the unwitting recipient of a supernatural curse. Producer Rob Tapert says, "Sam calls it a 'spook-a-blast,' a wild ride with all the chills and spills that "Evil Dead" delivered, without relying on the excessive violence of that film. When one has done three very expensive movies, they get used to eating caviar. Sam will have to ponder what it means to come down from the mountaintop for a moment."

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Tapert also said, "The appeal to Sam on Drag Me to Hell was returning to what he had once done and loved doing, which was entertaining a very specific group of fans and providing a roller coaster ride for them. He doesn't have the enormous pressure here that goes with handling a hundreds of millions of dollars franchise."

The film will begin shooting early next year. When Raimi is done directing this scary little picture, he will most likely direct The Hobbit, which Peter Jackson is producing.