Spider-man 3 and Evil Dead 4: A nice article has been posted up over at Ain't Cool News about some recent rumblings about Sam Raimi doing a 3rd Spider-man film as well as the possibilities of a 4th Evil Dead filck!

The big key for Bruce has been whether or not Sam would ever want to do another EVIL DEAD after he was off in Marvel Comics Land. Well, in the midst of shooting SPIDER-MAN 2 -- he's dreaming of doing a 4th Evil Dead flick! RELATED: Bruce Campbell Confirms He's Not in Evil Dead Rise

So here we are... Sam is thinking of the same dream film we always are here at AICN... EVIL DEAD 4! Now, somebody needs to get Bruce Campbell on CONAN O'BRIEN so he can conquer the known world with his cosmic charisma! How could you not want Bruce Campbell on your TV show talking about Ossie Davis as JFK and him playing Elvis fighting a redneck Mummy in an old folks home? That's TV COMEDY GOLD! Leno should know that. Letterman should know that. And God Damn It, even that tall mop of a jock Stern should know that!

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