Spider-man 3:SciFi Wire recently caught up with director Sam Raimi to discuss the current status of Spider-man 3...

"We've finished a 50-page document and now I'm working with my storyboard artist to work out some of the visuals," Raimi said in an interview while promoting the DVD release of Spider-Man 2. "And I'm about to start working with Alvin Sargent [who received the "Screenplay by" credit on Spider-Man 2] on the first draft of the screenplay."
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Raimi noted that he's still toying around with different possibilities for a chief villain or villains to duke it out with Peter Parker (Tobey Maguire), a.k.a. Spider-Man, in the second sequel. "I actually haven't figured it out just yet," he said. "I'm trying to determine Peter Parker's journey as a human being, what it is that he'll be learning on this next adventure, as a kid growing up, what life lessons [he'll experience]. Once I know what that is, I'm going to try to develop obstacles in his path, like any dramatic writer would do. And out of those conflicts will come the drama. Either he'll be able to overcome these conflicts or he won't. But once I know his journey, and therefore the conflicts that are in his path, I'll choose that villain that best represents those conflicts. That's the way in which I've been approaching this, and I'm still not quite there in determining the villain."

Brian B. at Movieweb
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