MTV caught up Spider-Man 3 director Sam Raimi last week, who revealed that he is not sure whether he will return to direct a fourth film in the franchise.

"Sony Pictures is going to be making many more Spider-Man pictures," Raimi told MTV News. "I just don't know what [my] future holds yet." Of the already announced Spider-Man 4, he said "If I can't find the right story that would work for me and that I could tell really well, I would like someone else to tell that story ... But if it's a great story and Sony will bring me back to the screen, I would love to."

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Raimi had previously pledged that he would not return to the franchise unless Tobey Maguire and Kirsten Dunst would also be participating, and Maguire has hinted that he would not return for a another sequel and the compensation that Sony would have to pay for the three to return, may not make sense for the studio. Raima said "It would be really hard for me to make a movie without Tobey and Kirsten playing the two leads," he said. "I would seriously think about James [Franco] too, but he bit the dust in this last one."

When asked about what villains he would like to see in a 4th Spidey film he said "I would love to see Electro, Vulture, maybe the Sinister Six as a team."

Currently Spider-Man 3 has taken in $332 million at the boxoffice and placed #12 at last week's boxoffice ... where the film is now 15th place on the all-time list for U.S. box-office movie gross.