Watch out, Bobby Knight. Here comes Sam Rockwell. MTV Movies Blog recently spoke to Sam Rockwell for his upcoming film, Choke, and the actor revealed that his next project would be an untitled basketball drama from Grace is Gone helmer James Strouse.

"I'm researching a basketball movie. I play a basketball coach," he said. "It's a dramatic film about an alcoholic basketball coach and this girl's high school basketball team."

Rockwell went on to describe the film as a very unique blend of three different films.

"It's kind of like Bad News Bears meets Half Nelson meets Hoosiers" Rockwell said of the film's tone. "[But at the center is this] great character. [In preparation] I'm learning about basketball and Bobby Knight."

We'll have more on this interesting project as soon as more information is available. Rockwell's Choke, an adaptation of the novel by Chuck Pahlaniuk, hits theaters on September 26.