A Spawn spin-off is coming to the small screen. Todd McFarlane, the co-founder of Image Comics who created the Spawn universe, has revealed that a Sam and Twitch TV show is officially in the works. The detective duo originally debuted in the very first issue of the Spawn comic book back in 1992. Now, they are poised to headline a show from the producers behind HBO's Mare of Easttown.

According to multiple reports, Todd McFarlane is set to produce Sam and Twitch alongside Sean Canino through the McFarlane Films production banner. Paul Lee and Mark Roybal of wiip, who produced Mare of Easttown, are executive producing the series. Jason Smilovic and Todd Katzberg, creators of the TV show Condor, are tasked with adapting the characters for television. They will also serve as executive producers. No network or streaming service is attached to the show yet. McFarlane had this to say about it in a statement.

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"My two detective characters Sam Burke and 'Twitch' Williams appeared in the very first issue of Spawn #1 back in 1992. Since then, they've become fan favorites and have branched out into their own comic series throughout the years. Their stories, blending traditional crime noir and the supernatural, is a combination that I've always thought would make for an entertaining television drama. The addition of wiip and the creative writing skills of Jason Smilovic and Todd Katzberg make for a very compelling team that we all hope leads to the entertaining show we know this can be. If you like cool, moody, creepy, odd crime stories, this will be your cup of tea!"

Mare of Easttown quickly became a streaming phenomenon on HBO Max. In a suburb of Philadelphia, a detective named Mare Sheehan investigates the recent murder of a teenage mother while trying to keep her own life from falling apart. Mare is a local hero, having been the star of a high-school basketball championship game 25 years ago. The Mare of Easttown finale Is HBO Max's most watched episode ever.

Spawn is one of the most successful comic books in history. It holds the Guinness World Record for the longest-running creator-owned comic, at 318 issues and counting. Todd McFarlane is also currently launching a full universe of interconnected titles, starting with Spawn's Universe#1, that will include King Spawn and Gunslinger Spawn. But McFarlane has his sights set on conquering Hollywood. Sam and Twitch is just the beginning.

Todd McFarlane has long been trying to get a new R-rated Spawn movie off the ground. He wrote a script, which he intends to direct, and has a deal in place with Blumhouse Productions. Jamie Foxx is attached in the lead role, with Jeremy Renner set to play Twitch Williams. Developments have been slow but McFarlane has repeatedly promised that it is going to happen. But with Image Comics' rich universe of characters, particularly as it relates to Spawn, the company and McFarlane could have a lot more to offer the right studio.

Cinematic Universes, such as the Marvel Cinematic Universe and the DC Extended Universe, as well as The Conjuring universe, have been hugely successful in recent years. Todd McFarlane recently hinted that a Spawn cinematic universe might be on the table. That could be an appealing offering for the right studio looking to get into the cinematic universe game.Sam and Twitch could be the first piece of that puzzle. We'll be sure to keep you posted as any further details are made available.