Earlier today, I had the good fortune to be invited along with select press members to chat with Sam Worthington about his brand new venture with Radical Studios where he will be creating graphic novels with his longtime Aussie friends Michael Schwarz and John Schwarz. Towards the end of the interview, the talk turned to Clash of the Titans 2, which he wanted us to make it clear that it was definitely being shot in 3D.

"Clash 2 I think we start shooting early next year and it was be 3D this time. Shot in 3D. Do put that in and make them f--king aware," he said.

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He also spoke out on the 3D conversion process of the first film, Clash of the Titans, which he wasn't terribly fond of.

"The movies always change," Worthington told us. "It suddenly became a rolling, runaway train in some parts. In regards to the conversion, I'm a Jim Cameron boy, so people know my opinions."

Worthington also said he didn't really have any updates on Avatar 2 at the moment.

"Avatar 2 will be whenever Jim decides to write it. I think he's in Thailand at the moment or trying to save the gulf. But I'm sure he's going to put pen to paper soon."

He was also asked about the extended edition of Avatar, which we announced yesterday will be in theaters on August 27. Here's what he had to say about the new re-release and more on Clash of the Titans 2 as well.

Can you talk about the additonal eight minutes that will be in the theatrical release?

Sam Worthington: I wish we added eight hours. I think the first cut I saw was about six hours long.

Do you know what's in the additional eight minutes?

Sam Worthington: No, I don't. He hasn't told us. There's a couple of extra hunting scenes. There's a much-speculated and blogged sex scene everyone keeps f--king harping on about. To be honest, I think everyone's going to be disappointed that's it's not blue porn.

They're making that.

Sam Worthington: Yeah. But there's a lot of other character parts. Giovanni [Ribisi] stuff and Stephen Lang stuff. So it's up to Jim. I know Jim would only release it if it enhanced the story by putting it back in.

Is there more stuff on Earth?

Sam Worthington: Yeah there is. We shot all that. When we first saw all that, it didn't [work]. You just want to get to the planet. It's kind of a slow burn. Jim always wanted it to be a slow burn start so that you would adjust to your eyes and adjust the world, but it because too much of slow burn. It was like, "hurry the f--k up, man."

How involved are you going to be in shaping Clash of the Titans 2 now that you're in a much stronger position?

Sam Worthington: Well, I do that a lot anyway, trying to put a stamp on it. Whether it's the right idea or not, it's up to them in the end. When I read Clash 2, they came to me the other day. I said, "I kinda dig where it's going, but can we make the character more of this? Can we make it more of that? Can I get to play a lot more and get involved and have a lot more f--king fun than just being a young man who has to stand there and look pretty?" I'm sick of doing that, so it's kind of a case of, "How do we make Perseus a lot more fun?" So we're sort of shaping it down that track. And Warner Bros. has been nice enough to give us a bit on input.

Be sure to check back in the near future for the full interview with Sam Worthington, Michael Schwarz and John Schwarz about their imprint deal with Radical Studios in the very near future.